Our passion for over 100 years has been planning events; Monday – Sunday events. We create an atmosphere inspired by you, we have the privilege of creating with you.  Our attention to  detail blends seamlessly from the beginning of the planning stages to the end of the night when the last candle has been blown out. Grimm & Gorly Florist wishes to be your one stop shop from tying the knot to your first Baby bump and every wish and dream in between. Our skilled designers and event specialists nurture the perfect imperfection of nature only to create a beautiful reality; we are Nature’s Architects.


Wedding Specialists

Grimm & Gorly’s philosophy continues to be that the purpose of creating a beautiful wedding is to preserve the moment in the life of a bridal couple. We believe the bride should have nothing more to do on her wedding day than to show up. Your bridal consultation will help determine which flowers and arrangements will best suit your wedding theme.

We take it from there coordinating a common theme between bridal bouquets and church, chuppa and synagogue, reception hall and cake that tells your special story beautifully.  We are very diverse and can service almost any floral need:  including outdoor events, large wedding receptions and parties. We are also versed in Orthodox Jewish affairs.

Flowers are one of the easiest and most rewarding gifts to customize and truly design with the recipient in mind.The experienced and talented professionals at Grimm & Gorly can help you design something special, a unique floral gift for any personality type, whether it be traditional, romantic, outdoorsy, dramatic, artistic or some other style. Grimm & Gorly’s Master Designer, will gladly work with you to create a personal keepsake of your wedding ceremony.

We Always offer Free Bridal Consultations.

It’s A Natural

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324 East Main Street
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Ph: 314-852-7311

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